For Battle-Hardened Performance Under Any Conditions, Trust Orbit Control Display Units

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Orbit Instrument control display units (CDUs) are proven reliable in even the most extreme land-based, shipboard or airborne environments. Whether for system updates or new systems, our ruggedized, cost-effective custom solutions are designed to withstand the rigors of nuclear, biological and chemical battlefield environments. Their proven performance has compelled a number of U.S. and foreign military customers to embed our hardware as standard products in their program requirements. Orbit’s communication intercom units, commander display units, digital transponder units, secure voice systems and ground positioning systems are industry standards for night vision and harsh terrain environment applications.

Orbit’s control display units are specifically designed for custom function and interface capabilities. Most of our units incorporate single board computers and custom software to provide a total system solution. Unit panels can incorporate a variety of interfaces including (but not limited to) RS-232, RS-422, PS/2, USB and Ethernet, while the output of the panel to the operator control can be either a standard or custom interface. Switch backlighting can be customized using LEDs, which can be controlled from both normal (sunlight readable) conditions to night vision standards.

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