For Ultra-Reliable Precision Cursor Control in the Most Extreme Environments, Turn to Orbit.


Force Sticks

Cursor controllers are the most widely used and abused human-machine-interface (HMI) devices, and the trackball and force-stick products from Orbit Instrument have been proven to meet the challenge. Whether withstanding the rigors of mission-critical military applications, defeating downtime in business and industry, or frustrating would-be vandals in the public arena, Orbit’s ultra-rugged cursor controllers have delivered superior performance, reliability and longevity for more than 50 years. That track record simply cannot be matched by standard, commodity-type, cursor controllers.

Orbit’s rugged Cursor Controllers are widely utilized for extremely accurate positioning applications.  They are extensively used in conjunction with military radar, sonar, electronic countermeasure and weather system displays, as well as, air traffic control systems and as manual inputs for navigation and control systems.  They have been adapted for use with industrial graphic display and machine tool applications.  The Cursor Controllers convert physical device movement into a series of electrical pulses by means of an encoding system.  The encoded pulses are then either sent to a display system that utilizes the raw data or pulses are converted to a standard electrical interface (i.e. PS/2) that transmits the control data to the system.

In addition to performing reliably when integrated into our wide range of ruggedized keyboards, Orbit track ball and ‘force-stick’ devices have been embedded/integrated in custom applications by and for our customers.  Because many of our basic/core products have been tested to military environmental and EMI/EMC requirements as stand-alone devices, we are able to ensure that all specifications are met for our customers’ military, aerospace, industrial and general-purpose applications.

Orbit Instrument military-grade cursor controllers are designed to perform under the most extreme operational and environmental conditions and require little or no maintenance. MTBF for Orbit military grade trackballs are experiencing 100,000 hours or greater.

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